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Learn why INCAE continually heads the list of the best business schools of Latin America. Compare and discover what makes us unique.

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The INCAE Network

Discover which schools from around the globe are part of the INCAE Network. These relationships involve student exchange programs, double degrees and even joint investigations.

The INCAE Network

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Learn more about the different MBA formats INCAE offers and discover which MBA program is right for you. Our programs allow you to maximize your potential and allow you to open new doors in your personal and professional endeavors.

Life & Student Activities

Student Activities

By being abroad from their native countries, living in shared houses with fellow students of different nationalities and professions, INCAE students not only enjoy an rich multicultural experience, but also create lasting professional and personal relationships.

What do I get?

What do I get?

Students learn through processes of analysis and debate of real-life situations faced on a daily basis by businesses, utilizing current cases faced by local and multinational corporations. MBA students will learn fundamental abilities of persuasion and encourage the development of a competitive edge in their character.


Job opportunities

INCAE graduates have a 100% level of job placement. There exists a full range of offers from Investment Banking to Health Services. Following their MBA studies, students have a clearer vision of which possibilities are most attractive and in which direction to steer their careers.

Exchanges and Double Degree Programs

Exchanges and Double Degree Programs

The Student Exchange and Double Degree Programs include 29 of the highest caliber schools from around the world. INCAE students are offered the possibility of exploring new countries and cultures, amplifying their vision of the world and global relationships.