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What do I get?

Acquired Abilities

INCAE provides extensive training in case resolution and thereby decision making. Through analysis and discussion of actual business situations and challenges, students strengthen their ability to reflect, scrutinize and sculpt an argument. With constant practice defending their claims INCAE graduates will master a fundamental leadership skill: persuasive speaking.

Due in large part to the cultural diversity among students and faculty and to the fact that many of the cases focus on Latin American businesses, INCAE students gain keen awareness of issues specific to the region. Graduates can begin their careers as competent individuals with applied knowledge and skills and an international perspective.

Why an MBA from INCAE?

INCAE has consistently been ranked as the best business school in Latin America. This rating is due to a number of features that make our business school unique in its class. One reason is that 96% of our classes are taught by a Ph.D professor.  This indicates that 42 professors (an average of one for every seven students) have doctorate degrees from the best universities in the world, and work full-time with INCAE’s MBA programs.

INCAE also simultaneously holds three important accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB and SACS. These prestigious accreditations attest to the value of our education and are important for our graduates when they enter the job market. INCAE Business School is committed to providing a world-class education.

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