Dr. Luis Noel Alfaro Named International Alumnus

12 de Marzo 2010

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Alumni Society of The Ohio State University announces Luis Noel Alfaro Gramajo as a recipient of its 2010 International Alumni Award. The society presented Luis with his award at an Alumni Awards Luncheon on Saturday, March 6, 2010, at the Fawcett Center for Tomorrow on the campus of the university.

Currently a full professor at INCAE Business School in Nicaragua, Luis earned two degrees in business administration from INCAE before coming to Ohio State for his M.S. and PhD in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology.  INCAE Business School is a graduate school of business founded in 1966 with the support of Harvard University. It is ranked as the best school of business in Latin America.  Luis joined INCAE in 1986 and has scaled by merit and evaluations all the academic positions from Assistant Researcher I to Professor (Full Professor).

In 1975, Luis spent a year as a Spanish professor to foreign students in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala as part of the Francisco Marroquin Language Project.  After that he accepted a position with Guatemala?s Minister of Agriculture, Livestock in Food.  Starting as Administrative Director for the Budgeting Manager and Treasurer in the General Direction of Agricultural Services, he had been promoted to Financial and Economic Analyst and then Director of Programming and Economic Studies before he left the organization in 1986.    

Luis is a member of the Microfinance in MBA Programs World Network, a prestigious academic network which includes highly competitive schools such as: The Asian School of Business, The Indian School of Business, and the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  He is also a member of the network of universities of the STEP Project on family business led by Babson College, the Alumni Association of INCAE BUSINESS SCHOOL, and is a former member of the Academy of Management (AOM).

Luis is an active sportsman and sport activist. He has a Black Belt, First Dan in Tae Kwon Do and also enjoys playing tennis and soccer.  He is former Vice-President of the Nicaraguan Tae Kwon Do Union (UNIT).  Other hobbies include classic sports cars and motorcycles. He is Vice-president of the Nicaraguan Association of Classic Sports Cars (ADAN) and a member of the Nicaraguan Association of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Luis is from Guatemala and lives in Managua, Nicaragua.  He is the father of Luis Antonio, Luis Iván, Anna Lucía, Luis André, and Luis Noel.

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