INCAE signs mutual cooperation agreement with Honduras’ UNITEC

04 de Diciembre 2017

Last October 31st INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños and UNITEC Rector Marlon Brevé signed an agreement in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, laying the groundwork for mutual collaboration between both schools in order to conduct academic, teaching, research, and training activities, as well as to disseminate culture and provide services in all areas of reciprocal interest.

"INCAE is very pleased with this alliance. On average, over the last five years 60% of Honduran students enrolled at INCAE's MBA are UNITEC graduates. UNITEC is known as a top school in Honduras", said Rector Bolaños.

Cooperation terms include exchanging teaching materials between both schools. In addition, INCAE will make the results of CLACDS research available to UNITEC, when these are public in nature. Also, UNITEC members will be eligible to participate at INCAE's MBA and Executive Education programs. Depending on resources, INCAE will allocate partial tuition scholarships to UNITEC members or students.

In addition, the agreement provides for work proposals and research processes to be conducted with each school's economic support, or backed by other sources according to resource availability. Also, both schools will be able to carry out dissemination and training activities according to their availability of funds.


UNITEC is a higher education school aimed at training professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs with sound moral and ethical values to help develop the country and improve it socially, economically, environmentally, and politically, as well as to engage in research, technology transfer, and quality extension to serve the society.

INCAE is a private, non-profit, multinational, higher-education organization devoted to teaching and research endeavors. Its work approach is based on promoting sustainable development and competitiveness. INCAE's objectives include seeking the economic, social, and environmental development of the countries it serves and training leaders to promote sustainable development in Latin America.