Seventy-two MBA students graduated on May 25th

03 de Julio 2018
Wilberth Gutiérrez

After 21-months on campus 72 students of INCAE’s 2018 Specialized MBA Class received their degrees at the commencement ceremony held at the Walter Kissling Gam campus last May 25. They majored in Finance and Banking, Innovation and Technology, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. During the Program they took part in internships, student exchange programs and a consulting project.

Participants came from Germany, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, and Switzerland, among others, and 19 of them were women. Representatives of their governments, as well as from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, also attended.

INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños stated, "Since I became Rector back in 2015 I have seen twelve different classes of graduates each with its own characteristics, facing different challenges and opportunities, and marked by their own circumstances. What unites you with the previous classes is not just your professional status but also your commitment to influence your countries for positive change."

Guest of Honor Gastón Monge Chévez was introduced by INCAE’s Board Chair Dr. Roberto Artavia. Mr. Chévez is 2017 Distinguished Graduate and member of the 1996 MAE XXVIII Class. He said, "In our lives there are always new opportunities to assess what we do. More than success, what counts is more tangible, sustainable effort." Then he added, "Ethics is not only essential for inner peace but it is also our best option to achieve financial success. Nothing replaces hard work, following our chosen path."

Valedictorian Miguel Ángel Meléndez Mussio made an emotional speech and shared with the class his father’s advice, "You need a bit of luck in life, but the more you work, the luckier you get".

Later Professor Roy Zúñiga was recognized, the Professional MBA’s Oath was taken and degrees and distinctions were conferred. The ceremony closed with a cocktail. To see the entire ceremony go to