[Webinar]: Tips on completing the PAEP admissions exam | INCAE
28 de Noviembre del 2014
América Central, Costa Rica
Free event, limited capacity. 

[Webinar]: Tips on completing the PAEP admissions exam

Daniel Calderón

The PAEP (La Prueba de Admisión a Estudios de Posgrado) is a standardized, Spanish-language exam that is designed to assess academic aptitude and measure the abilities candidates have developed over the course of their academic career. What does the PAEP evaluate? Verbal Reasoning (antonyms, sentence terminations, reading and analogy comprehension) Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning (Mathematics: arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, applied probability; Natural Sciences: physics, chemistry and biology) Cognitive Ability (logic, associations and source recognition) Written Composition (paragraph and sentence structure, lexicon management and syntactical maturity) English (structures, conjugations, functional vocabulary and comprehension of texts) Also included is a supplementary section on composition of which applicants should take note.

The time permitted to complete the test is approximately 3 ½ hours. The virtual session will allow you to understand more regarding the admissions process and especially help you find the best way to present your admissions exam to INCAE business school.  It is a pleasure to help you reach your goals and assist you with any question you might have regarding our admissions exam.