Is an MBA really important? Informative Session, Nicaragua | INCAE
20 de Enero del 2015
Sesión Informativa
América Central, Nicaragua
Hotel Hilton Princess. Km 4.5 carretera a Masaya, Managua, Nicaragua.
Free activity, limited capacity.

Is an MBA really important? Informative Session, Nicaragua

MBAs are not all the same... neither are the results. Accept the INCAE challenge!
Paul Juárez

What path is professional future taking? Are you considering strengthening your management skills, gaining leadership experience and in the long run maybe forming your own business? Want an international career or to learn how to work in a multicultural environment?

We invite you to see how an MBA with an international vision can transform you.  We will explain our method and what is required to join the challenge.  

Topics for discussion:

  • How can an international MBA help me have a positive impact?
  • Does an MBA really open doors in the international market?
  • How do I know if an MBA is the best option for me?
  • How is an MBA financed?

Hear about the experience of our graduates and receive tips for your application.