[Webinar] Informative Session MBA INCAE, Venezuela | INCAE
10 de Febrero del 2015
Sesión Informativa
América del Sur, Venezuela
Sala GotoMeeting
Free event, limited capacity

[Webinar] Informative Session MBA INCAE, Venezuela

MBAs are not all the same... neither are the results. Accept the INCAE challenge!
Roberto Calvo

INCAE is an International Business School that has trained global leaders in Latin America for the last 50 years. It is part of the top 100 schools worldwide and has established itself as the best business school in Latin America. The 14,000 INCAE graduates around the world confirm it: INCAE transforms and graduates are the trademark.

We invite you to learn how an International MBA can transform you, we will explain our method and what is required to join the challenge.

Topics for discussion:

  • How can an international MBA help me have a positive impact?
  • Does an MBA really open doors in the international market?
  • How is an MBA financed?