[Webinar] 5 reasons to choose a global MBA | Maestrías INCAE
16 de Mayo del 2018
América Central
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[Webinar] 5 reasons to choose a global MBA

José Pablo Valverde

With the growth of the Internet and social media, the world continues to grow smaller and more easily reachable. For young professionals, in particular, this reality holds thick potential for career development and life fulfillment.

You can expand your career options by choosing to study abroad or gaining international experience that is highly valued by employers in practically all industries.

In this webinar, José Pablo Valverde, an INCAE alumnus, will talk about his experience studying an international MBA and getting a double degree at St. Gallen University in Switzerland. He will discuss how his international experience made a positive change in his career and opened new opportuities for him.

If you want to discover what an international MBA could do for your professional development, do not miss the chance to hear it from someone who experienced it for himself.