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Without a doubt, this unprecedented global disruption is impacting our lives, both personally and professionally-- making it harder to plan for the future. Consequently, we are developing a safe conference that will allow you to attend and enjoy as much as possible.

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Costa Rica, as a leader in sustainability since the 1980s, and recently recognized as “UN Champion of the Earth” is pleased to host the 32nd World Conference IFAMA 2022

Costa Rica is located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, thus its ecological surroundings –forests, waters, soils, and climate –, tropical characteristics and its flora and fauna. Its tropical climate is modified by various factors, including its geographical relief (mountains, plains, and plateaus), its position within the Central American isthmus, the influence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the existing general atmospheric circulation. Although Costa Rica is a small territory, it has 5% of the earth's biodiversity and it's, fortunately, protected by the National System of Areas Conservation, preserving a total of 25% of the national territory.

After three decades of precedence-setting work in the field of global agribusiness management, IFAMA is at a tipping point where the next generation of thought leaders combined with increasing technological advances in agriculture is poised to reshape the future of the food system.

Join us in Costa Rica as the IFAMA 2022 World Conference links actors and initiatives from around the world with the temperate and tropical climates of Central American agribusiness, to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges together.

EARTH University and INCAE Business School are pleased to bring the 32nd IFAMA to Costa Rica.

The Symposium Program will be at EARTH University on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and Forum will be in the most attractive city urban of San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica, June 18-23, 2022*.

*All activities are subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Hot Topics

Governing sustainability transitions in agribusinesses and food-systems

Agribusiness strategies, artificial intelligence, and business analytics

The role of network management strategies in the innovation policy mix

Circular Economy and Decarbonization business strategies to tackle environmental losses

New challenges from supply chain disruptions

Biodiversity: the new capital

Conference Chairs

  • Esteban R. Brenes

    Esteban R. Brenes is The Steve Aronson Professor of Strategy and Agribusiness at INCAE Business School. Professor Brenes is the Academic Director of the Executive MBA (EMBA), Advanced Management Program (AMP), and Part-Time MBA Shanghai, China and was Dean of Faculty and MBA programs from 2001 to 2006. He was Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan for 10 years and at Cotrugli Business School in Europe for eight years. He has lectured at the Chicago and Duke University Business Schools. From 1998 to 2000 served as Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and Minister of Science and Technology of the Government of Costa Rica. Dr. Brenes is the founder and president of bac&asociados S.A. (www.bacyasociados.com) a business consulting firm. Research interests: Strategy, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and family businesses.

  • Irene Alvarado Van der Laat

    Irene Alvarado Van der Laat is currently an advisor to the Sustainability Laboratory based in Israel, a Consultant for the United Nations, and teaches courses on Environmental Economics and Project Evaluation at EARTH University. Also focuses her research on the development of value chains in circular economies for agricultural products and the promotion of entrepreneurship through low carbon economic activities to create a more just and inclusive society.

    Graduated as an Agriculture Engineer from the University of Costa Rica. She received an MFA in Business Administration with a focus in Agro-Marketing from the Technological Institute Costa Rica and a doctorate (Ph.D.) from the Universidad Latina in Economical and Entrepreneurial Sciences.

  • Juan José Bolaños

    Juan José Bolaños, family business entrepreneur. Graduated from Animal Production from the ECAG with a Diploma in Technical Zootechnist. Received the Degree in Agronomic Engineering from EARTH University and Executive MBA from INCAE.

    He has worked as Global Business Developer and Comercial Manager and is now the CEO of the fresh pineapple exporter Piñalbo, also as CTO of the family cattle breeding farm. Pioneer of the Young Board of IFAMA. Advocate for Sustainability and Impact SCR for the communities in Costa Rica.

  • Esteban R. Brenes
  • Irene Alvarado Van der Laat
  • Juan José Bolaños

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Official Invitation for the 32nd IFAMA World Conference.

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