INCAE Business School

We promote the development of the region through the training of leaders, applied research, and the promotion of intersectoral dialogue. Sustainable development in Latin America requires responsible, innovative, and updated leaders.

As the best business school in Latin America, INCAE has promoted the progress of Latin American society, through the training of talent from regional leaders through Master's degrees and Executive Programs.

For more than five decades, we have worked alongside companies, international organizations, and professionals of the highest caliber to solve problems, develop capabilities, and prepare them to respond to the demands of the future.

This global perspective has been enriched by a comprehensive vision of sustainability pioneered in the region that involves social responsibility, the shared value in the first decade of the new century, and more recently the Social Progress Index as a valuable measure to achieve well-being and raise the competitiveness of Latin America.

About INCAE Business School

The INCAE Project

George Cabot Lodge presents The INCAE Project, a short film that depicts the history of INCAE from its very beginning. Showcasing the efforts and people that worked together to make possible what they believed could change the region.

Seeds of Impact

EARTH University

In its mission to prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to sustainable development and to construct a prosperous and just society, EARTH University offers a world-class scientific and technological four-year undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences, emphasizing ethical entrepreneurship and strong socio-environmental commitment.

Each year, we actively recruit more than 100 young leaders to join our highly experiential education program in agricultural sciences and natural resources management.

During their four years at EARTH, students develop critical skills and attitudes to be effective leaders of positive change and prosperity through hands-on learning, community engagement, and entrepreneurial innovation.

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EARTH University

10 facts you should know about EARTH

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