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Review Process and Best Paper Competition

Caleb Pichardo 

Review Process Coordinator and Support Office 

Caleb A. Pichardo is graduated as an Economist from the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica. He has been a Research Assistant for the Steve Aronson Chair of Strategy and Agribusiness at the INCAE Business School. 

Invitation to be a Reviewer

Be a Reviewer for IFAMA 2022 World Conference

Thank you for your interest in signing up to be a reviewer for the IFAMA 2022 conference hosted by INCAE Business School and EARTH University. We would like to thank those of you who have reviewed in the past and welcome those of you who are new to reviewing. We encourage you to take the reviewer IFAMA form upon signing up.

Thank you in advance for the service you are willing to offer as a reviewer. We are pleased to offer special recognition to a group of reviewers for their distinguished service to the IFAMA 2022 world conference. In recognition of their consistently high quality, comprehensive, scholarly, and timely reviews, we are pleased to have prize and recognition during the conference program.

Best Paper Competition Award

Every year, IFAMA selects two award-winning papers or teaching cases. In order to participate, you have to submit an extended abstract, full paper, or teaching case by December 15, 2021. If your extended abstract, full paper, or teaching case is accepted for presentation in the Conference (announcements on February 01, 2022) you have until February 28, 2022, to present the final version of the full paper or teaching case.