INCAE Business School to publish five case studies on Ethics and Transparency in Central America

05 de Julio 2018

The Seattle International Foundation (SIF), a grant-making organization engaged in international development with a strategic focus in Central America, recently gave INCAE Business School a research grant to write five case studies on Transparency in Central America. These cases will be used as the core teaching tool in addressing ethics, anti-corruption, and transparency in INCAE’s MBA programs, executive training and forums. In addition, the research conducted by this business school will be presented at the 2018 Central American Donors Forum.

“This initiative builds upon INCAE’s mission to contribute to the development of Latin American and its regional research expertise and capacity to convene diverse actors throughout the region and engage them in meaningful dialogue. Through this effort we seek to continue promoting ethical behaviour and setting standards for what we believe are the future leaders of the region”, explained Enrique Bolaños, President of INCAE.

Arturo Aguilar, Executive Director of SIF, stated: “We are excited to see such an energetic response to promote transparency and fight corruption in Central America, thus guiding the region towards a future with governability and judicial security”, adding: “INCAE has decided to focus its efforts towards constructing a new legal culture. We know the road to get there is long and complicated, but we are convinced that with brave and structured initiatives such as these, the beginning of a positive future for the region is guaranteed”.

Corruption is at the core of many of the world’s economic and business challenges and data shows that it impedes economic growth, contributes to social instability and obstructs innovation. Recent events point to a significant historical shift in the attitude of Latin Americans concerning the issue of corruption, a shift that opens possibilities for unprecedented progress. It is within this context that INCAE’s Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS), has developed an Ethics and Transparency Initiative, which focuses on developing leaders with integrity in order to build a culture of transparency in Central America.

Believing strongly that business schools have a privileged position of serving as the primary training grounds for private sector leaders, the President and Board of INCAE supported the idea to enrich the ethics course and develop an institution wide initiative that would draw on INCAE’s unique position to train 300 MBA students a year, over 6,000 executives and public sector leaders through its executive education programs.

The cases, which are relative to Central America, will be used in a newly designed Ethics and Transparency Course in the INCAE MBA and other INCAE educational programs and will cover perspectives from the public and private sector and civil society. Dr. Susan Clancy, PhD Harvard University who has taught ethics at INCAE for nearly a decade, will be incorporating these case studies in her classes following Harvard’s Case-Study Method.

About Seattle International Foundation

Seattle International Foundation (SIF) focuses its efforts through grant-making and other activities, with a strategic focus on Central America. Since 2008, SIF has granted more than $20 million to 219 high impact organizations in 71 countries, including $12 million in grants to Central America.

About INCAE Business School

INCAE is the leading business school in Latin America, according to the Financial Times, and a renowned Think Tank in the region. It seeks to actively promote the comprehensive development of the countries served, educating leaders in key sectors by improving their practices, attitudes, and values, through research and by promoting dialogue on key issues in the region.

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By: Magda Montiel