INCAE, the only Latin American business school in the Top 100 of Financial Times MBA Programs Ranking

28 de Enero 2019

On January 28 the Financial Times published the 20th edition of its Annual Ranking of the Top 100 Full-Time Global MBA Programs Around the World, with INCAE Business School remaining among the top business schools. INCAE was the only Latin American business school in this list, ranking # 96 globally.

To participate in this ranking, schools must be accredited by AACSB or EQUIS; they must have a Global MBA program that has been running for at least four years and must have graduated their first class at least three years before the ranking publication date.

"When a prestigious, world-renowned paper like Financial Times ranks INCAE among the best in the world, that is a reflection of the top-quality education offered by our faculty. Through them, INCAE trains ethical, responsible leaders for our countries, with a mission to seek the welfare of their societies," said INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños.

In addition, INCAE ranked 5th worldwide in percentage of salary increase, ahead of Stanford which ranked first. In career progression, INCAE ranked 15th. A very significant achievement is the percentage of female INCAE students leading to a 14th ranking ahead of all top six, including schools such as Stanford (26th) and Harvard (27th). In terms of international experience INCAE ranked 6th.

"I am extremely proud to serve as Associate Dean for the Master’s Program and faculty member of one of the top 100 business schools in the world, and the best in Latin America. We at INCAE engage in continuously improving our programs to differentiate ourselves academically from the other schools in the region. The results revealed by the Financial Times reaffirms once again the fact that our efforts are worthwhile," said Bernard Kilian, Associate Dean of Master’s Programs and Faculty member of INCAE Business School.

Annually, nearly 300 students graduate from INCAE’s full-time MBA Program. Álvaro Barrios Solís, a 2017 Global MBA graduate, recounted his experience as follows, "INCAE connected me to the world. It changed my way to see businesses as related to geographic and cultural barriers and convinced me that real business is globalized. I am not surprised to see INCAE ranked among the top 100 MBAs Programs worldwide. The dynamism of the case study method, the quality of the Faculty members, the diversity of the students and the relationship with the regional business community make INCAE an exceptional business school."

Barrios added: "In the future, Latin America will face many economic, political, and social challenges and opportunities. I am confident and proud to know that to here is a school like INCAE training professionals to face those challenges and take advantage of the circumstances to help the region move forward."

In addition to this excellent result, over the last few months INCAE’s Executive MBA Program ranked 11th among business schools in the Americas and 49th worldwide, according to Financial Times.

INCAE Business School’s full-time master’s programs include the Latin American Leadership MBA and the Global Perspective MBA Programs, in addition to Executive Master’s Programs, Open Executive Programs, Corporate Executive Programs and Online Executive Education.