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Global MBA

INCAE’s Global MBA focuses on providing you with the necessary tools to have a comprehensive education on different areas of management, shaping your ability to manage a global organization, all while allowing you to develop a global mindset thanks to the international focus with which this program has been designed.

This program is designed to help you develop and strengthen:

All important abilities necessary for leaders and professionals in highly demanding management positions in today’s business arena.

With our Case Method, students get to experience real life situations companies and entrepreneurs in Latin America face, gaining a deeper understanding of management processes and business insight of the region that require the integration of knowledge from different areas of administration.

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Study Trip

You’ll travel to California, where you’ll get to visit global companies, interact with renowned executives and learn first hand about how their businesses work, their challenges and opportunities.

    Double Degree

    Expand your view and develop adaptive skills with a double degree in top Universities in North America, Europe and Asia such as:

    -Yale School of Management (U.S)


    -University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)


    -UCSD San Diego, California -(U.S)


    -The Ford School, University of Michigan (U.S)


    -Florida International University (U.S)

    -ZLC-MIT (Spain)


    -WHU (Germany)


    -HHL Leipzig Graduate School (Germany)


    -Global Real Estate Master University of Wisconsin (U.S)


    -Cheng Chi National University (Taiwan)

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      Exchange programs

      Spend between one and four months at a different school after completing your core courses. You can choose between different schools with different expertises and courses, according to your interests, such as:

      North America:

      -Duke University - Durham, North Carolina

      -New York University (NYU - Stern) - Manhattan, NY

      -University of Victoria - British Columbia, Canadá


      -HL Leipzig Graduate School - Leipzig, Alemania

      -RSM-Erasmus University - Rotterdam, Holanda

      -KEDGE Business School - Bordeaux, Francia

      -ESADE - Barcelona, España

      -Toulouse Business School - Francia

      -Copenhagen Business School - Dinamarca

      -Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi - Italia

      -Warwick Business School - UK


      -HCheng Chi National University - Taiwan

      -NUCB - Nagoya, Japón

      -Hitotsubashi - Tokyo, Japón

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        Global Network Week

        Take advantage of the activities offered during this week, where you’ll be able to connect with students from 31 business schools, expand your network and intercultural perspective.
        -Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley 
        -Yale School of Management 
        -Fudan University School of Management 
        -IE Business School
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          Job Placement & Career Services

          Students go through a career planning process, under the direction of the Career Services office.This office also offers information about open vacancies and a job board where you can search for open vacancies for you.
          84% of students have gotten a job 3 months after graduation. (Class of 2020)

          Get to know everything our program has to offer and the benefits it has

          At INCAE we believe in delivering a well rounded experience to our students.
          On this page you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Curriculum offered for the program, the expenses and aid available for students as well as viewing what the activities that the Student body can immerse into.


          This program’s design will allow students to acquire management skills applicable to different business areas and eventually develop key projects in their communities. 

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          Tuition and Financial Aid

          The Financial Aid office offers information and counseling on available scholarships and forms of financing for your specific case.
          We have multiple agreements with banks in the region that give financing facilities. 
          Also, we offer benefits for “early payment” of the program to those who secure their spot soon.


          INVESTMENT SHEET for non-Latin Americans


          Upon graduation, MBA students become part of the Incaista Network, with more than 17,000 members.

          Student Experiences

          The dynamics of living in shared houses with their peers makes social interaction transcend beyond the classroom.
          *COVID19 protocols and measures taken on campus*


          These are some of the faculty from the entire faculty for the Global MBA
          Bernard Killian
          Ph.D. University of Hohenheim
          Carla Fernández
          Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
          Susan Clancy
          Ph.D. Harvard University
          Margaret Rose Grigsby
          BA Social & Organizational Psychology McGill University, MBA INCAE
          Conrado Sebastián Cuevas
          Ph.D. Universidad de Warwick
          Niels Ketelhöhn
          D.B.A. Harvard Business School
          Sergio Restrepo
          MBA IE Business School
          María Elena Carballo
          Ph.D. Brandeis University
          Santiago Kraiselburd
          D.B.A. Harvard
          Juan Carlos Barahona
          Ph.D. MIT
          Urs Jäger
          Ph.D. University of St.Gallen
          Carlos Quintanilla
          Ph.D. Universidad de Michigan
          José Nicolas Marín
          D.B.A. Harvard University
          Florian M. Federspiel
          Ph.D. IE Business School
          Michael Metzger
          Ph.D. University of Michigan

          Triple Crown of Accreditations

          Social Networks